Harry Hills

- Barrister and Solicitor


- Adelaide

Adelaide office

Adelaide SA 5000
(in City, opposite Central Market)

Telephone: 0409 026 478
Fax: (08) 8231 0344
Email: harrycrimlaw@internode.on.net

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PO Box 6488
Halifax Street Post Office
Adelaide SA 5000


Defence/prosecution experience including:

  • Assaults and domestic violence
  • Grievous and actual bodily harm
  • Robbery with violence
  • Sex offences
  • Frauds and/or misappropriation
  • Drug charges or trafficking
  • Break and entry
  • Burglary and home invasions
  • Car theft
  • Confiscation profits
  • Cold case investigations with DNA evidence
  • Traffic offences:
    • Hoon driving
    • High speed police pursuits
    • Reckless/dangerous driving

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Phone: 0409 026 478

I specialise exclusively in criminal law. I will deal with your case personally and, if necessary, I will engage other professionals to properly defend you. Such professionals as:

  • senior and specialised trial counsel
  • psychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical experts
  • specialists in areas such as fingerprinting, finance, fraud, and firearms
  • experienced investigators

As a specialist, with many years of experience in criminal justice system in Adelaide, I am a leading criminal lawyer.

Why you need Harry as your criminal defence lawyer


Over many years I have learned that courts try their best to guarantee fairness and justice but their job is made a whole lot easier with experienced advocates assisting it. A lawyer with good legal instincts and an understanding of the law provides the best chance possible for a client.

I have gained practical experience over several decades in the Criminal Justice system. Without an experienced advocate on your side you can only hope your adversary does not have one either.


Many charges can be resolved without great expense by honest and effective negotiations with prosecution authorities.

Some cases however can only be determined after a full-on trial. In these cases I try to keep expenses to a minimum by critically analysing the grounds for dispute and use careful case planning.

I don't work for a large legal firm.

I don't work in a fancy office.

I don't charge fancy fees.

Legal Aid cases by negotiation.


The Criminal Justice System is essentially adversarial and rarely achieves happiness for anyone caught up in it.

Whether you are a crime victim or an accused, a court outcome depends a great deal on how your case is presented.

I can help you put your case to the court to achieve the best result possible.

Harry's background as a criminal lawyer

The criminal lawyer

SA Police Operational Police Officer - uniform and plain clothes - investigations work in nearly all types of street and serious crime;

Police Trial Prosecutor then Prosecution Manager, Adelaide - worked through the ranks from prosecuting in traffic, youth crimes, and adult criminal legal areas to become a Senior Trial Prosecutor and Unit Manager;

Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Criminal Defence Lawyer - served in Port Augusta and Adelaide Court jurisdictions.

Recently returned from completing an extended contract as a Criminal Lawyer with Northern Territory Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions; based in Alice Springs I worked in one of NT's highest crime areas;

Now I appear in all Criminal Court jurisdictions.

Aboriginal Legal Rights

My experience with ALRM has shown me the pain and alienation felt by people of Aboriginal descent.

Traditional and remote Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal people who live on the fringe of rural and urban environments suffer enormous inequality. They need help facing up to our Court system.

I am proud to have helped Aboriginal people through what can be a nightmare of Court bureaucracy, rules and regulations and to have worked with ALRM to achieve justice and the best possible results for its Aboriginal clients.


Now I choose to work for myself and my clients in the Adelaide and Metro areas.

I believe that everyone deserves the full protection of the law and I will fight hard to defend the rights of anyone who is accused.

I have worked in the Criminal Justice System in Adelaide for over 20 years and know how it works, I know its weaknesses and its strengths. Most importantly I know the people whom you are likely to encounter inside the system.

I know how to help you.